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Meet the Redefining Space Team

Meet the Redefining Space Team

Redefining Space is only as good as our weakest member of the team.

Lucky for us, there are no weak players here.

Amy Bromstead


Amy Bromstead is a Bay Area native with a love of design and furnishings, a degree in Art, along with extensive international business experience.  She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese after nearly a decade living in Shanghai, China.  Upon her return to the Bay Area, she was interested in purchasing a home herself and became enamored with the staging work at Open Houses.  She then had an epiphany; with her background in art and design, love of furniture and her entrepreneurial business savvy spirit, she could organize a staging company that would run smoothly, efficiently, and stylishly.  Amy prides herself upon making the staging experience as professional and successful as possible for both agents and clients.

Chrispin Bracken

Chrispin is also known as Mr.Calm Under Pressure. In this business things not only move quickly, but they can also be unpredictable too. Fortunately, Chrispin can put a square peg in a round hole while also patting his head and rubbing his belly. 

Jill Bromstead

How does a successful company continue to wow clients and execute ridiculously ambitious tasks on frighteningly aggressive timelines? Organization — that's how. Talk about a hard-to-come-by skill. And Jill? Well, Jill color codes and alphabetizes in her sleep.

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