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We're All About First Impressions

Redefining Space Home Staging is a full-service staging company, providing both partial and complete home staging. We have a proud sense of aesthetic and we strive to understand the needs of both clients and agents with the common goal of reducing stress, selling properties faster, and making you more money.


Full Staging

Full staging, or "vacant staging," is geared towards an empty property. The client/seller has moved out and the home is completely or mostly unfurnished. We will bring in all the necessary furniture to compliment the structure and style of the home along with accessories, linens, live or faux plants and flowers to help your property showcase its most beautiful attributes and shine at its absolute best.


Partial Staging

Partial staging is a perfect option if the owner/tenant is still living on the property during the Open House process. We will work with the existing furniture, rearranging, editing then supplement using our collection of accessories, artwork, linens, flowers and plants, and smaller furniture items. We understand that the tenants need to live on-site during the sale process, and we create a guideline to keep your staged space looking beautiful while remaining functional.


Quick Turn Around

We specialize in completing the installation for a vacant home in 1- 2 days. We own our own inventory and offer competitive pricing for 60-day contracts that include, but are not limited to design & color consultation, furnishing and home accessories installation, and outdoor space enhancement. Projects pricing is based on square footage and logistics considerations for property access. We additionally offer convenient financing packages that include a “pay at escrow” option. 

Goals and Expectations

Our approach begins with a detailed and customized staging plan to feature your property in its best light and increase its emotional appeal. As potential buyers and agents walkthrough on Open House day, they are welcomed into the beauty of your home and leave with the memorable impression “I want to live here!”

Empty rooms appear smaller than they really are
Without a frame of reference, it’s incredibly difficult to tell the scale and size of a room.

Something to Consider

If a house is bare, buyers may think the owner is desperate to sell if they did not take the time or the money to make it look as nice as possible.

Vacant houses and apartments appear soulless and no emotional attachment is felt when the buyer walks into a room.

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