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The Down Low on the Return on Investment

Whether you are a homeowner considering the cost-benefits of staging your home or an agent who's discussing the merits of staging a property, here are some insights.​

Top 10 Reasons to Stage
  • Higher profit on sale
    According to a 2014 Zillow Survey of Real Estate Agents, hiring a professional home stager is the easiest and best investment a home seller can make in the process of selling their home.
  • Sells faster
    Studies show that homes that were staged seemed to sell twice as quickly as those that weren’t, while also fetching a higher selling price in the process.
  • Most sellers cannot view their home objectively
    Staging is designed to appeal to the buyer while “de-personalizing” the home, reducing clutter and helping the buyer to envision themselves living in the space.
  • The cost of staging doesn't cost a dime
    A Home Gain Survey of over 2000 Realtors, found that aspects of home staging typically provide a 300% or more return on investment. Home Staging pays for itself with above asking price offers and quicker sell times!
  • Your marketing/photos will stand-out from the competition
    Over 95% of buyers are searching for homes online first before deciding to visit based on visual pull.
  • Allows buyers to visualize themselves in the space
    Staging rooms with furniture helps establish the room's size and helps a buyer visualize how they can arrange their own furniture.
  • Worn furniture makes a house feel dated
    When furnishings are out of date, your home may convey a somber look and your property will be less attractive to buyers.
  • A vacant house gives buyers false assumptions
    Potential buyers may try to make offers below market value because they know the owner is no longer living in the house. They will assume the owner wants to sell it sooner rather than later. Also, if there are any defects, like scratched floors or stained carpets, they will stand out more in an empty space than in a decorated one. In addition, not only are you likely to see a slower sales time with a vacant house, but you may see lower prices as well.
  • You can relax
    Imagine how nice it will feel to hire a pro and know that everything is taken care of.
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Top 9 Reasons to Stage

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